Atomoxetine is an reuptake inhibitor (NRI – norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor) for treating ADHD (abbreviation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). It is a powerful, though safe antidepressant to use in children, adolescents and adults. However the studies show zero results for using the Atomoxetine pills in children under 6.

The remedy is proved to be less abusive than other types of depression treating means and the drug is not under the control of FDA in the United States. Atomoxetine can be applied to patients with any substance addiction and strong psychiatric disorders.

As average drug Atomoxetine medication has some unwanted effects however one can escape their presentations. Among common side effects you may notice tiredness, nausea, appetite decrease, sexual disorders and decreased sexual drive, hesitancy and blood pressure disorders while treating. You may see that most of these effects are results of psychiatric disorder. At the start up in rare cases some may notice mood shifts, psychosis, suicidal thoughts and intention to self injuries. It is important to be under control of relatives when Atomoxetine treating. The remedy is not habit-forming and produces no withdrawal effect. The abortion of the treatment will not promote disease rebound.

The Atomoxetine medication is rather safe however overdosing should be avoided. One should keep to the instructions or medical prescriptions. The drug is usually taken twice a day, as known to produce long effect. If a dose is missed one should not double the next one, as overdosing leads to severe somnolence affecting your daily activity. If under psychiatrist supervision the dosage can be changed during the course of treatment. Usually the therapy starts with lower dosage, which is gradually increased. It is a perfect way to detect the appropriate dosage for every patient. The treatment shows results after 4-8 weeks of constant intake. However if the desired result is not achieved consult your healthcare advisor for dosage managing. The Atomoxetine remedy should not be taken without any medical supervision, though being safe it can cause severe psychiatric disorders if the drug is not appropriate for treating you case. Warn the doctor about your chronic diseases, family psychiatric disorders, your drug intolerance for getting the full disease background. The information will help to manage the treatment. Note that Atomoxetine does not produce fast effect and should not be used as sedative means for treating sudden shock and psychosis.

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